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AGPR Strike start on 10th Feb. 2013 :: Employees of AGPR Islamabad are on strike for 100% increase in Running Basic Pay and 100% Audit and Accounts Allowance :: Court Cases detail send us: Contact for more information by e-mail at or 0322-5522417

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Finance Division U.O. No. F.6(2)R-3/1998-074/2013 dated 27-02-2013
Feb. 2013:: Employees of AGPR Islamabad are again on Strike
for 100% increase in Running Basic Pay and 100% Audit and Accounts Allowance
(as per news published in daily mashriq)

20th Feb. 2013 News Source AGPR's Rep.
15th Feb. 2013 News Source AGPR's Rep.

Audit & Accounts Allowance summary submit through AGP Office to Prime Minister of Pakistan on 12-02-2013

AGPR's Employees End Strike

ISLAMABAD: (2nd August 2012) AGPR employees Wednesday announced they were ending their strike

In a hurriedly called emergent meeting of the Joint Action Committee (JAC), the decision to end the strike was taken because of the holy month of Ramzan, however it was also decided that if demands not met, the salaries of the government employees would be withheld on the eve of Eid.

JAC said that the disbursement of salaries of the employees of federal and provincial governments would start from today.

It may be recalled that the AGPR employees have been demanding their salaries be doubled and the murderer of Lahore AGPR employee Bukhsh Ilahi be arrested.

Auditor General of Pakistan Mr. Akhtar Buland Rana has already taken up the matter with the prime minister but due to the finance ministry’s opposition the issue has remained unresolved.

The Daily Jang, Rawalpindi | 1st August , 2012 | link page daily Jang
Striking AGPR Employees agree to Release the Salaries
ISLAMABAD: 2nd Aug, 2012:: The government has for the time being managed to avert a crisis that could have hit all its employees as the Accountant General of Pakistan Revenue (AGPR) has agreed to release salaries for July but refused to call off its strike.

Unlike the trend, this time around hundreds of thousands of employees of the federal government will be getting their salaries after the 5th of August since the payroll section of the AGPR had not cleared cheques by Tuesday evening.

Since June, the AGPR employees have been on strike, demanding either an end to the discriminatory practice of giving selected departments double salaries or extending the same facility to the AGPR.

Employees of the presidency, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and motorway police get double salaries every month. The FBR’s employees were the latest addition to the privileged club after they too went on strike in May and June and managed to get their demand accepted from the finance ministry, which wanted to avoid revenue losses at any cost.

The government had discontinued double salaries for the FBR after the figure fudging scandal of 2011. While approving the summary for giving double salaries to the FBR employees, Finance Secretary Abdul Wajid Rana had noted that this could become a trend in future to stage strikes to press demands for double salaries.

Talking to The Express Tribune, finance ministry spokesman Rana Assad Amin said negotiations with the AGPR employees are going on and the issue will be resolved soon. He said the federal employees will get salaries either on Wednesday or Thursday as the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) and AGPR have given assurances in this regard.

Amin pointed out that the government will have to take into account the budgetary implications of giving double salaries to the employees, fearing this may become a trend and every department will start staging strikes.

Representatives of the Joint Action Committee of AGPR employees said cheques will be printed on Wednesday and it will take at least five to six days before the employees get the salaries. However, they made it clear that this is the last time they have given any relaxation due to the holy month of Ramazan and if the government did not resolve the issue the employees will not get salaries from next month.

28th July, 2012
AGPR Employees' Protest/Strike Continue::
JAC AGPR Islamabad decided to stop the payrool for the month of July, 2012 until
1) Nominated killer(s) of Buksh Ellahi will not be arrested & punished.
2) Audit & Accounts Allowance will not be considered as done by the Secretary Finance & Prime Minister of Pakistan.

20th July, 2012
All DG-MIS, CGA, AGP, Audit Officers /Officials requested must reach in AGPR Islamabad at 9-30 PM (Friday) against the Murder of Baksh Ellahi.

AGPR sub office Lahore & AG Office complete protest regarding the killing of Mr. Baksh Ellahi (President APCA - AG Office, Lahore). The employees are completely protesting for one week. No work until the inquiry of Mr. Baksh Ellahi.

ایپکا ۔ اے جی آفس لاہور کے صدر بخش الہی کو فائرنگ کرکے ہلاک کردیا گیا
Murder video of Baksh Ellahi

Baksh EIlahi Murder, President APCA, AG Punjab

Video of Baksh EIlahi Murder, President APCA, AG Punjab

Lahore: (Thursday, July 19, 2012) until now, these were only Karachi and Quetta where target killing was rife, but now, the phenomenon has started to take roots even in Lahore as unknown gunmen in here today killed the president of APCA Accountant General office Lahore.

According to the police sources, APCA leader Bakhsh Elahi, 55, was on his way to office when he was took over by some unidentified men riding a motorcycle.

The AGs' employees were on strike for last 12 days under the leadership of Bakhsh Elahi and were asking the government to fulfill their demands.
Bakhsh Elahi, so resolved and committed to their demands, and announced to continue to strike unless the Government succumbs in.

Protesting against the killing of Bakhsh Elahi, the AG office employees gathered outside the office and chanted slogans soon after they received the news of Elahi's murder.

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AGPR Employees' Protest/Strike re-start || Monday 25th June, 2012
اے جی پی آر ملازمین نے دوبارہ ہڑتال شروع کردی۔ مطالبات کی منظوری تک ہڑتال جاری رہے گی۔ اکاؤنٹس اینڈ آڈٹ الاؤنس کی سمری وزیراعظم سیکرٹریٹ میں منظوری کے لئے پہلے ہی بھیج دی گئ تھی۔ وزیراعظم جناب راجہ پرویز اشرف سے سمری کی جلدی منظوری کیلئے گزارش کی جاچکی ہے۔
by Joint Action Committee (AGPR Employees)
19th June

Joint Acation Committee :: Complete Strike End only Token Strike for One Hour.

Joint Action Committee (AGPR's Employees) has decided to continue Toke Strike for one hour to keep the momentum going despite the dis-qualification of Prime Minister of Pakistan. All the Officials/Officers are requested to trust on Joint Acation Committee and accept their decision invariably. Further line of action will be announced once new Prime Minister of Pakistan is elected. by Joint Action Committee (AGPR Employees ) Read Press Release»
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one day ago
آڈٹ اینڈ اکاؤنٹس الاؤنس کی منظوری سے متعلق
آڈٹ اینڈ اکاؤنٹس الاونس کی سمری اے جی پی آر ایمپلائز کے احتجاج اور ہڑتال کے نتیجے میں کنٹرولر جنرل آف اکاؤنٹس کی طرف سے فنانس ڈویژن سے ہوکر وزیراعظم کو بھجوا دی گئی ہے۔ امید ہے جلد اس کے نتائج سامنے آئیں گے۔


Today on 19.06.2012 all the employees of AGPR with its all sub-offices continued their protest on 16th day and carried out token strike against the non-fulfilling of promises of the Prime Minister of Pakistan & Auditor General of Pakistan and discrimination of prevailing pay & allowances among employees of various Ministries / Divisions of the Federal Government.

Keeping in view the difficulties faced by employees of Federal Government the joint Action Committee of AGPR employees agreed that from 19.06.2012 to 22.06.2012 token strike would be observed. Further the Counter for accepting bills from Ministries / Divisions for two hours only.

The Joint Action Committee of AGPR employees once again appealed the Prime Minister of Pakistan to approve 100 % Audit & Accounts Allowance and 100 % increase in running basic pay immediately. Joint Action Committee , AGPR, Islamabad. Dated: 19.06.2012.

AGPR Employees' Protest / strike
Employees from Military Accounts, Federal Audit, AG-kpk & Audit & Accounts Department join the protest with AGPR in Islamabad
Pakistan Military Accounts Department employees, Foreign Audit , Federal Audit, Defence Audit & AG, KPK & other employees from Audit & Accounts Department participate in a rally during a nationwide strike/protest in Islamabad on last Friday in AGPR & AGP Office, Islamabad join the hand with AGPR Employees for 100% Audit & Accounts Allowance on Friday 15th June, 2012.

AGP, Office, Islamabad:: Rep. of PMAD Mr. Raja Sultan Sher Afghan , Rep of Federal Audit Ch. Muhammad Iftikhar (AO), Mr. Muhammad Naeem (AO) &
Rep of AGPR, Joint Action Committee are addressing during protest in Auditor General of Pakistan Office, Islamabad.
AGPR Strike Day-15 Videos
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Karachi:: Employees demand 100pc audit allowance:: Work halted at AG, AGPR departments
KARACHI/ISLAMABAD: Employees ofAccountantGeneral and Accountant General Pakistan Revenues rejecting 20 percent pay raise approved by Federal Government, set up a protest camp in front of ParliamentHouse on the fourth day of ongoing protest. Demanding a 100 percent audit allowance, they have decided to stop working in the offices, sabotaging the budget operations. AGP and AGPR employees of Karachi and Islamabad on the fourth day of protest left their offices, halting operations at AG Sindh, DG Audit, Commercial Audit, DG P.R, Revenue Rest Audit, PTNT Audit and Military Accounts Office. To meet their demand of a 100 percent audit allowance, they initiated a nationwide strikes for 2-hours daily on 7th June. Protesting against a 20 percent pay raise, they said that they are also employees of Federal Government and should receive a 100 percent allowance since employees of all other departments under Federal Government are entitled to this allowance. A joint action committee has been formed to resolve the issue. Member Joint Action Committee (Karachi) Zain-ul- Abdin while speaking to Daily Karachi Times representative, said, “We are just asmuch deserving as employees of Federal Board of Revenue, Health Department, Motorway, Income Tax and other federal departments entitled to receive the 100 percent allowance.” He further stated that Controller General Audit and Accounts Mohammad Junaid present at the camp in front of Parliament House suggested to resume work progress with 2-hours daily strike, however, employees rejecting this suggestion and resolved to keep boycotting the work and continue the protest until their demands are met.

AGPR Employees' Protest / Strike enters 10th day
ISLAMABAD: The Joint Action Committee of Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) on Wednesday continued its protest against the non-fulfilment of employees' demands on the 10th consecutive day.

From: Employees Joint Action Committee, AGPR's Office, Islamabad | Contact No. 0334-7196775 , 0333-5168986

AGPR Employees' Protest / Strike enters 10th day
Controller General Accounts (CGA) & AGPR Ms Farah Ayub Tarin address to AGPR's Employees
on 13th June, 2012 at AGPR Auditorium | Video provided by Mr. Shahzad Ahmad (IT Professional AGPR)


ISLAMABAD: The Joint Action Committee of Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) on Wednesday continued its protest against the non-fulfilment of employees' demands on the 10th consecutive day. The AGPR employees, with its all sub-offices, continued their protest by carrying out a full strike against the non-fulfilling of promises made by the prime minister and the auditor general of Pakistan, and the discrimination in distribution of fringe benefits among employees of various ministries/divisions of the federal government. The protesters were carrying placards inscribed with slogans for their rights, mainly for increasing their salaries.

The committee also said that if their demands were not fulfilled timely, the lapsable budget of ministries/divisions and development and non-development funds of billions of rupees would not be released, and no payment would be made on this account that expires on June 30.


Strike | Islamabad 7th June, 2012
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AGPR Strike Day 4
7th June, 2012
Day 1-3 | Islamabad
AGPR Islamabad Employees Strike Videos

ISLAMABAD: Activists of Joint Action Committee AGPR shouting slogans in
support of their demands as they held strike in their office.
ISLAMABAD: Visitors standing outside the main gate of AGPR which was locked by the activists of Joint Action Committee AGPR as they held strike in support of their demands.
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Equal treatment for all employees of the Government of Pakiatan | Announced in Budget Request

•  Some departments of the Government of Pakistan gets double and triple salaries along with additional allowances. •  Besides, some other departments of Government of Pakistan including all main Ministries / Divisions/Department of Pakistan Secretariat have been deprived from the double salary / good package and other allowances. Now the employees of main Ministries/Divisions/Department only get basic pay. These employees are equally contributing in national growth, therefore, in the eye of justice they should be paid equally as the other authorities, corporations law institutions which are mentioned-above. Every Government department is very precious and having different role in national growth. Therefore, we may request to policy makers to make policy / rule / structure for all Departments / Divisions / Corporations / Authorities / Law institutions / Agencies employees equally for smooth work of the Government of Pakistan. This is a good welfare for the employees Government of Pakistan.

The voice of all employees of the Government of Pakistan around the country by "Employees Help Network" (

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